Featured Project: World War 1 Era British SE.5 Biplane

As with any art project, a lot of research is done to get to know the machine. Reference planes are set up in 3D to build the model as accurately as possible. First component worked on is the fuselage. Using the ref-planes and a LOT of reference photos, the fuselage is built outward from a single box. Faces and details are added.



Outward components, such as the wings are built using the same process of the ref-planes and photos are utilized the same way as the fuselage. Then the polygon face count is tripled to get the smooth shape of the wing.


Along the modeling process, certain polygons are assigned a "Face-I.D" for use in painting the model when she's complete. As you can see the tail section as well as some details in the front are being built using the same reference process of the ref-planes and photos.

Production started on some smaller components of the SE5. Propeller, landing struts, cockpit details etc. . .

Work continues on fuselage details and especially the forward nose.

Continuing with Small and Large details. Engine added and exhaust ports.

Work continues with small details. The Lewis Machine Gun and it's Top Wing-Mounted frame were added as well.

Work continues with small details. Much attention has been paid to the support structure, struts and wires and cables.

Although difficult to see, there were several small details put in, including wires and pullies for the gun and it's supporting rack. All the supporting struts, wires and tensioners have been done as well. This project is getting very close to the mapping stages.

Work continues, . . . details inside the cockpit have started with the modeling then painting of all the gauges.

This day the ribbing was reworked.

Painting has begun,. . . . .

Underside of the painting progress,. . . . .

Underside of the painting progress,. . . . . I am a fan of making my models dirty, used, banged up etc. I try to reflect that in the painting process. As i add color and texture, i also build up from there to add layers and layers of filth, use and abuse.

Side shot. I wanted to capture the sides of the plane that were literally laced together. I believe this is accomplished well enough with the texture painting and note necessarily modeled geometry. Still,. . . . lots to do, more tweaks to what's already there and more to actually paint.

Refinements and revisions to the side of the texture mapping.

Refinements and revisions to the texture mapping.

Refinements and revisions to the texture mapping.

First dedicated art for an SE5a - "SE5 Over Snowy Lands"

First dedicated Technical Illustration for the SE5. Colors and image are being prepped for production printing and will be available for purchase soon.



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