Suzuki GSXR-600 Illustration Design

This project features a complete 2D illustration and color design of a Suzuki GSXR-600 Motorcycle. I was asked by a friend of mine, Kimberly Bruton, to design the new paint scheme for her bike. Seems right up my alley so i decided to take on the challenge. I also decided to take a break from 3D and go old-school 2d illustration on this. Using a combination of Alias Sketchbook Pro and Adobe Photoshop, I'll take you step by step on the production process, so check back often for updates! So let's get started!

After researching and looking at several pictures of the bike, i started off in Alias Sketchbook Pro with a rough sketch. This was then put as the top-most layer to draw everything from there.

Using the sketch as a guide, i began the illustration with the exhaust and underside of the bike. This whole setup may change with either modification designs to the actual bike or upgrades to the exhaust, but for now i am drawing as it appears stock.

Again, using the sketch as my guide, i start on the forward sections. Getting the main lined inked in and assigning a green just as a temporary placeholder color.

From here i start adding some detail that are on the inside of the bike, underneath the forward section. Not shooting for a lot of detail as this is just a small issue, but needs to be represented in the drawing.

Still using Alias Sketchbook Pro, it takes several layers of markers, airbrush effects and pencil refinements to get the effect.

From here i sketch out and then refine the forward rim and tire. I also have started the from forks and disc break. Again, still using the sketch as my main guide, this allows me to draw quickly without having to switch back and fourth from my reference photos.

More to come soon,. . .

Spent more time on small details such as working my way down the spine as well as some exposed sections of the interior engine.

Continuing on with the drawing including the seat, tank and proceeding towards the rear of the bike.

GSXR-600 15-Oct-2009

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