The David Collins Bad-Ass 360 Custom Chopper

This project features an original custom chopper designs by David Collins. Custom motorcycles are a private passion that David shares. Unlike many others enthusiasts, David did not fall with love with choppers with American Chopper. A discovery channel documentary on the bike builder Jesse James is what set off the love affair with custom designed motorcycles. Always a fan of mechanical design and art, custom choppers represents David's love for mechanics with his love for that one of a kind design, and the possible hope that one day the design of this can come to fruition and be built for the real world.

For starters, i want this to be a one of a kind chopper built for me and me alone. So started off by building a skeletal mesh with my height of 6'3". I got the front and rear tires where i wanted them and the driver, me, in what i think would be a comfortable driving position.

Next i began with a basic frame, back bone and tank, front forks (springers) and rear suspension. My original intentions were to have no front down-tube as some builders have figured out how to accomplish.

Next came the wheels and tires. The rear tire uses a huge 360mm rear tire, which is currently the widest bike tire that i know of, . . . the fatter the better.

I hate wheels that are too busy. I like wheels that are minimalist but still cool looking more like that of sports cars. So i kept them to a 6-spoke designed with an outer rim of bolts for an industrial look.

At this point the basic design and structure is done. My original intention was to have a Corvette Yellow paint, minimal seat and no rear wheel cover. However, my intentions is to drive this on the road one day, so real world design changes are needed. Plus my wife, Jenna called it Mustard on wheels, . . . . *sighs. Currently I'm using an engine from a previous 3d bike build.

I've decided to go with a more industrial used look and not something so flashy. Bike builder Russell Mitchell said that American custom bikes look like "easter eggs on wheels" and i tend to agree. I want my design to be minimalist but still cool looking. So the Jenna's "mustard paint" was discarded for a more used looking black.

Ah the engine. The heart of any bike. I designed a custom look to a V-Twin engine that if i could ever afford to, i'd have these cylinders custom cut to reflect my design. I also designed a parallel drive system to accommodate the huge 360mm rear tire. I'm currently getting the design accessed to see the viability of such a design.

The engine also incorporates a geared system without the use of a belt. A drive system as this was design and built by a builder names Jerry Burrows for a bike called Clear and Present Danger. This was such a cool look i had to incorporate it in to my engine.

And she's done! This project from start to finish took several combined weeks of production hours and many, many sleepless nights. The hope is that one day, i'll be able to crank this up and drive it out of my driveway, . . .Y'never know. High resolution prints will be available soon when the online store is complete!

Here's an alternate paint job and angle of my Bad-Ass 360. Prints will be available for purchase soon.

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