Featured Project: Aviation Profile Illustration - P-51D Mustang

This project features a complete 2D illustration of a WWII P-51D Mustang. I have a tremendous passion for Aviation and Space Art and hope to turn that love in to a part of my career in the near future. This project is intended as a print project for a11x17 print, with this piece eventually being for sale for people to purchase prints. Eventually, this site will feature an online store where people can purchase prints along with other products.

This started off by a lot of research in to the fighter to insure as much accuracy as possible. Then i drew much of the details in Adobe Illustrator. I love Illustrator and always start there to make sure i can control the drawing as much as possible. Then elements are copied/pasted in to a high resolution Photoshop document.

After the elements are pasted in to Photoshop. The painting process begins. A combination of production methods are used, freehand, masking, layering effects etc. are all utilized to illicit the look I want. At this stage after several hours of painting we get the image above. More updates coming soon.

Ah, . . . it's the little things you cherish. I've spent many hours so far on just little details of this illustration. Exhaust pipes. weathering, paint chipping and i've started to illustrate the cockpit. The "AM-13" is an homage to my son who's 13 years old, and my daughter Sheridan who was born on March 15th.

As of 9:15 pm, this is where the illustration "Jenna, Baby" is at for the time being. I still have several more little details to do. So far I'm very pleased with where I'm at.

More of the little details tonight. Adjustments to the propellers and changes to the cockpit. I'm much happier with the cockpit glass now as i'm going for a realistically reflective look. As well as an adding kill scores to the side of the plane.

Still working on little details, as well as re-drawing the wing to be a little more accurate. Just a few more details to go and she'll be ready for print.

More details in the base structure and I've modified the bubble canopy to be less bulgy.

And there you have itComplete. I had a lot of fun and learned alot about aviation illustration and hope to continue to do more in the future.

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