The LE Schwartz & Son Inc. City

This illustration project represents my largest to date. Utilizing 3D and 2D compositing software, i assembled this massive undertaking piece by piece to get the desired render. I was contracted by Third Wave Digital to build almost 60 individual buildings in 3D and composite them together in a single imaginary city. TWD's creative director, Myron Bennett, handled research and materials, as well as directed quality control for the entire project. Relying mostly on on-site photos as well as MSN Maps, each building was built individually for client approval. Each building represents a roofing project that LE Schwartz worked on and wanted showcased, and each was built to artistic detail as to be recognizable. After all the 3D buildings were individually approved, the city was laid out according to client specification and rendered. After adding all the effects and items such as trees, water and landscaping, the final composite was complete. The Final Print was recently unveiled at an LE Schwartz party. The final print was over 5 feet wide and was framed and mounted. Here's a smaller render:



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