Project: G2R R.I.P. Projectile Promotional Video

Every once in a while, a project comes along that reignites a passion for the work I do, and this latest project was just that. Last year, I was contracted by a company to do some 3D modeling and animation for a company that designed a revolutionary surgical tool for the spine. That animation was seen by Paul, the president of the manufacturing company that constructed the parts for the spine tool. It turns out, Paul’s company; G2 Research was in the planning stages of a revolutionary ammunition cartridge intended for civilian self defense and law enforcement purposes, called the R.I.P. (Rest In Peace). Paul wanted a 2-4 minute long video about the design and performance of the R.I.P. and contacted me to take the reigns and produce this video for him. This project had it all, on site photography and videography, 3d modeling/animation, 2D compositing/animation, sound mixing and video editing. I used virtually every on-site and digital production tool I had to produce this video. Also, as an avid firearms enthusiast and 2nd Amendment supporter, I was 100% behind this product. The 2 days spent filming with the G2R crew was awesome and a lot of fun as they were shooting a destroying a LOT of testing materials and target.

See the video here

The bullet itself was designed in SolidWorks with unique performance specifications. I took these designs in to 3Ds Max and made a high-resolution 3D model and utilized custom made shaders and texture mapping all constructed in Photoshop. These texture maps were over 5000px as the camera movements would get up very close to the model. The 3D animations were rendered off in 3DS Max and imported in to Adobe AfterFX. The primary digital videos and photography were sorted and edited in Adobe Premiere. Also in AfterFX, the compositing, effects and 2d animations were also completed and exported in to Adobe Premiere. All final edits, sound mixing and complete project export were done in Premiere.

To date, the video I provided them has been viewed over 600,000 times and is, by the nature of itself, fielding many negative but mostly positive reviews and debates. That debate is good, but the bottom line is the client requested this video and I supplied that product for them. And they are very happy with the result.

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