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David Collins – B-29 Aviation Art – “BUGGER”

B-29 Nose Art “BUGGER”

It’s always a fun time researching the amazing art that was produced to adorn the sides of World War II bomber. When searching for my latest aviation nose art project, I stumbled upon “BUGGER,” serial number 42-63610. It was a great and unique design for a B-29 nose art and it was a fun project to Illustrate.

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B-29 Nose art Bugger, 42-63610 serving in the 355 Squadron.

Design Project: The Gannon Adams Band Logo Design

Recently, I was approached by a local band to redesign their logo-branding. Ricky Adams of the Gannon Adams band was working with me directly to facilitate their new look.
“I don’t really know what I’m looking for but I’ll know it when I see it.” is what he said and for a designer that can be a slight intimidating, but he did however provide a sample of a particular jeans company he liked and we used that as a starting point. After a few rounds of edits we settled on 2 derivations of the logo for design and merchandising options.

“David, Just wanted to let you know i really appreciate your creativity on the logo project for ” Gannon Adams and the Gannon Adams Band.” I was not sure what I was looking for, but was sure I would know it when I saw it. Your thoughts were great and led us to the finished product I am very pleased with. thanks again for your help.”

-Ricky Adams

david collins online - logo design
Approved Logo set for the Gannon Adams Band
david collins online - logo design
Initial set of designs for the Gannon Adams and the Gannon Adams Band logo